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Scuba Diving in Dubai & UAE

The United Arab Emirates is host to some of the most extraordinary marine life on the planet that has adapted over time to survive in the hot summer waters. People from all over the world come here to gain a thorough understanding of marine ecology and conservation, as well as gaining life experiences that they are not likely to forget in a hurry. But sadly, sometimes those experiences can be seriously undermined by poor quality instructors or badly set up equipment. At its worst, a poorly set up diving school can put its trainees in jeopardy.

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When scuba diving in Dubai or scuba diving in UAE, it is worth spending a little more time really getting to know the backgrounds of your instructors and what is on offer beyond low prices or fancy jargon. You need to know that they have your best interests at heart, and they also have a healthy respect for the environments in which they work. Furthermore, they should have a real passion for sharing knowledge and understanding of the marine world, not just getting you to part with your cash for a quick brush with nature.

Why Try Scuba Diving in Dubai?

If you’re on this website, chances are that you’re already considering going scuba diving in Dubai. So why should you do it? There are so many reasons, and we’re sure that once you’ve tried it once, you’ll catch the bug and won’t ever want to stop. Scuba diving is fun, exciting and adventurous. It’s an experience like no other, something everyone should have on their bucket list. You’ll get to experience the incredible feeling of breathing underwater and feeling completely weightless, while also exploring an environment you’d never see otherwise and watching the incredible marine life on the UAE coast.
Scuba diving is also versatile and it can be as adventurous or relaxing as you want it to be. It’s something you can do with friends and family and it’s a community where you can meet new people and make more friends. Once you know how to scuba dive, it’s the perfect way to explore the world if you go travelling, seeing the marine life of various countries and environments.

Scuba Diving in UAE: Our Range of Diving Disciplines and Courses

We are led by Darryl Owen, an Examiner and Technical Instructor, who has contributed to some of the best-loved diving training programs available. We are committed to the promotion of diving safety and, above all, the restoration and conservation of the marine environment in UAE. It is our great pleasure to have welcomed beginners and professionals to our diving community, and we would like to invite you to join up as well!
Conservation and safety are the heart of our service for scuba diving in UAE, and the sites we operate in have just the right conditions for us to deliver on our commitments. Courses we offer include:

  • RAID. Partly developed by our owner, courses from this well-known global institution cover a range of disciplines for beginners and professionals alike. With a little commitment, you can learn the basics and then move on to more advanced techniques for wreck diving, underwater navigation, search and rescue, and equipment usage, amongst others.
  • Marine biology and conservation. As well as courses that will give both young and old more understanding of the basics of marine biology and conservation, we also offer immersive experiences for families and corporate groups, as part of their CSR programmes. If you are looking for a career in marine biology, you might do no better than taking up one of our internships here and seeing what an expedition really looks like!
  • Safety courses. Whatever you decide to do with diving, it is very likely that we will insist on taking you through our safety modules. The marine environment can be incredibly hazardous and changeable, and we want to be sure that you are safe in the water and have all the latest understanding on how to avoid injury or illness due to poor technique.
  • Widely recognized accredited courses. With instructors in the most globally recognized diving institutions, you have your pick of the crop when it comes to accreditation. Whether it is a beginner course with PADI, perfecting your trim and buoyancy with UTD, taking a challenging GUE Fundamentals course, or achieving your Divemaster or Instructor accreditation with RAID, we have every course you could possibly need.

UAE Scuba Diving In Dubai

Scuba diving is an exciting and adventurous hobby, but it can also be challenging and it doesn’t come without risk. We can’t breathe under water, after all. That’s why it’s always important to learn from a reputable diving centre with experienced teachers who enforce rigorous safety protocols so that you can become a confident and skilled driver that can dive safely. You can choose between the cheap and fast approach and an approach that’s actually good and teaches you what you need with, but you can’t have both.
If it’s fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If it’s good, it won’t be fast and cheap. We offer scuba diving lessons in Dubai that don’t just produce certificates, but results in confident and skilled divers. You won’t finish with just a certification card; you’ll finish with a wide skillset and the ability to dive safely in a range of different situations. That’s what makes us the best raid civing center in UAE. We have an extremely experienced team of diving professionals and are affiliated with multiple scuba diving agencies, offering a range of high-quality courses and some training programs that are completely unique in the country.

Dubai Deep Sea Underwater Diving

Imagine this: you’re exploring the breathtaking aquatic environment of Dubai, swimming deeper and deeper and gazing at increasingly stunning marine wildlife…
Scuba, or underwater diving, is a highly rewarding pastime that can turn your trip to Dubai into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, a diving course is only as good as its provider, so it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing the right diving business.
But don’t worry- if you’re looking for the best Dubai underwater diving company in the United Arab Emirates, then we’re right here! At Freestyle Divers, we think deep sea diving in Dubai is an experience that everyone should have, and we’re here to make that happen. Our range of high-quality scuba diving courses has built a community of divers all around the world, with customers claiming that our courses are a “one-of-a-kind dive experience” and “extremely professional and fun.”
So, feel free to have a look around our website, and if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer your questions and ensure that you find the right diving experience for you. But don’t wait too long to book, as we can sell out of slots!

When it Comes to Scuba Diving in Dubai, Chooses Freestyle Divers

Dubai diving center that values safety and will be there to support you every step of the way, Freestyle Divers is the obvious choice. We love to meet new marine enthusiasts and are determined to bring our passion to as many people as possible. If you are interested in scuba diving in UAE, joining a scuba diving club in UAE, or even getting yourself a scuba diving certification in Dubai you are only a few clicks away from enrolling in our course now. Simply choose the course that you want to enroll on, follow our simple checkout procedure, and will look forward to welcoming you to our center very soon!

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We offer a wide range of courses from RAID, UTD, GUE and PADI, plus the full curriculum for Human Factors in Diving. Our instructors are trained to achieve the highest quality standards in the industry and we teach all our courses in neutral buoyancy from the first day.



When you love the ocean, understanding and protecting our beautiful underwater world is a fundamental part of what we do. Our science faculty focuses on marine biology, marine conservation and marine archeology. Join us to participate in our science based projects.



Have you ever dreamed of being part of an exploration team? Does the idea of finding new wrecks or reefs set your pulse racing? Join our exploration project team to satisfy your inner explorer! Not sure you know how? We can provide all the training you need to get started.


Photo & Video

Whether you are a complete beginner or an enthusiastic underwater photographer or videographer, we have courses and team projects that will get your creative juices flowing! Our aim is to help unleash your inner artist to document our beautiful underwater environment.


Love the Ocean? Join one of our Project Teams!

Get involved with our project teams! They are engaged in a wide variety of underwater activities. Marine conservation, photography and videography, wreck exploration and making new wreck sites are just a few of the exciting projects we have running.

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Popular Courses

We offer a wide variety of high quality courses from multiple training agencies

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Performance Diver

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Deep 40

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Advanced Wreck

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Basic Wreck

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Drysuit

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Search and Recovery

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Sidemount

Advanced, RAID, RAID Specialties

RAID Navigation

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Let us make your diving
experience unforgettable #diveYOURstyle!

We cater for every type of diving: single tank, twinsets, sidemount, rebreather, mixed gases and DPV.

Our equipment includes the highest-quality brands on the market and we have whatever you need to dive the way you want to. Contact us for even the most unusual requirements and we will do our best to help.

Equipment Rental

Counter-Errorism in Diving

We have two main rules, have fun and stay safe. And we take staying safe very seriously! Freestyle Divers is the only education center in the Middle East to offer Human Factors in Diving courses, designed to help you understand how to reduce errors and consistently make good decisions.

Find out how!

One of the most professional diving schools in the UAE

I took the RAID Advanced Wreck course here, which was taught by Darryl, the co-owner of Freestyle Divers. You’ll often hear people advise to pick the instructor, not the dive agency – and Darryl is superb. He has a huge amount of diving experience in wreck and cave environments that he was happy to weave in throughout the duration of the course, which as a result went above and beyond the comprehensive syllabus. I also appreciated Darryl’s strong emphasis on dive safety – there are no corners being cut here, class sizes are small and focused, and all of the training dives were carried out with redundant air supply (choice of twinset or pony bottle). 

The dive centre itself is one of my favourite in the UAE, very professional and all of the dive team are helpful and friendly. They are one of the few schools to offer a range of training agencies in addition to PADI, including RAID and UTD (and they can also arrange GUE training), and as a result are very accommodating to all equipment configurations and training backgrounds. You can also drive right up to the boat pontoon to drop your gear off which is very convenient. Special thanks to James and Brian for their assistance on the course. Looking forward to diving with Freestyle Divers more often in the future.

Thaddeus B.

I have been diving with Neil Murphy for the past 10 years in the Musandam. Together we explored new dive sites along the coast and into the straight of Hormuz. From whale sharks, sharks, rays, large schools of fish to the little creatures of the sea like squids, turtles lobsters or seahorses, there is never a dive short of surprises. But moreover Neil is not just an ordinary dive buddy – he listens and watches his surroundings, suavely navigating the waters of the Musandam. He is one of those buddies I want to have with me if a dive gets turbulent ! 

Sabine H

Neil is, without question, the deity of diving in the UAE! A calm, confident and conscientious guide and instructor, who is also friendly and makes diving fun. 

He is great with people of all levels – from beginners to seasoned pros – enabling you to push your own personal boundaries, without compromising on safety. 

So, whether you’re a novice or a natural, you NEED to try diving with Neil; we wouldn’t dive with anyone else. 

Alex B

Coral Reef Conservation Course

Thank you Freestyle Divers and in particular their Marine Biologist James Campbell for the excellent course!👌🏻 Designing and building the structure, placing it on the bottom of the sea, collecting coral fragments and finally planting them on the nursery, it was all a very rewarding experience and let this be the first of many more to come! I can highly recommend engaging with Freestyle Divers if you want to contribute to the marine biodiversity and conservation around Dibba! #TeamEco

Jos V.

Professional and fun

My family and i spent most of our holiday at Dibba scuba diving at Freestyle Divers. Chris Openshaw is a brilliant dive instructor. He took us through our Advanced Open Water course and his calm, professional manner made us better and more confident divers…thank you.
The scuba rental gear is immaculate and the dive sites we visited kept us curious.
Marine, Darrell and Olga ensured we were well fitted out and young Max kept things lively.

Barbara P.

Super passionate, accomodating and professional team and amazing dive experience!

Big thank you to Marine, Darryl, Olga, Chris and the whole team at Freestyle Divers. Especially to Chris who helped my family and I achieve our Advanced Open Water Diver certification. A very experienced and passionate diver with a calm approach made me and my whole family feel safe. Would highly recommend this dive centre to everyone! For those nervous first timers all the way to the most of experienced of divers. Thanks again from the whole Pix family:)

Natasha P.

Professional and Fun

I had a fantastic time doing my RAID DRYSUIT Specialty in Freestyle Divers’ Dibba Dive Center in Fujairah. My instructor, Darryl Owen, was super cool and experienced. I really appreciated the level of detail he went through, esp. in regards to the theory part and the dynamics of the drysuit (along with going through all the misconceptions I might have accumulated from my previous diving training and experiences). He ensured that I fine-tune my skills in the pool before we go to the sea dives. It did take longer than I anticipated (3 days all in all), but it was absolutely worth it and very much appreciated.

It helped me feel very comfortable doing the sea dives for the first time in a dry suit. 

All the staff are lovely and professional, prices are fair and well communicated before I even get there.

Nagla G.

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