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Scuba Dive in Khasab, Oman.

Freestyle Divers can arrange your complete getaway – Scuba diver training and diving excursions to see all Khasab has to offer.

Khasab is a great spot for diving

At Freestyle Divers, we want you to Dive your style. From a single tank recreational setup to twinsets, side-mount diving, or even closed circuit rebreathers.

Scooters, air or mixed gas, wet suit or dry suit, photography and video, or even Free-diving.

We support them all and we will make every effort to deliver what you need, when you need it.

The Aquarium at Dubai has nothing compared with the underwater world in Khasab.

Either with your favourite dive team or with maybe your kids join us for just a day or for a even week. Why not Check out a the many sites we have?

Whatever your motivation for diving is, we believe every diver is unique and welcome at Freestyle Divers Khasab.

To learn more visit our Khasab website