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Exposure Protection

Exposure protection is very important as heat loss is a major factor to consider when scuba diving. If you think about buying your first wetsuit or want to replace one, we can help! Fit is the most important factor. We will be happy to advise you on what is best for you and the local conditions here on the East Coast and in Musandam. Fourth Element and Rofos to name some, we have high quality gear.

Here at Freestyle Divers we stock all kinds of exposure protection from wetsuits to drysuits as well as undergarments, vests, rashguards & hoods! We are the only stockists of Fourth Element suits and merchandise in the UAE.


We want you to dive YOUR style in complete comfort. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here on our web pages or there is something you would be interested in ordering that you do not see here, please feel free to ask any questions via email.