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Technical Courses

What is technical diving and is it for me?

Technical diving involves going beyond recreational scuba diving limits and requires significantly more scuba equipment & training aswell as having requirements to manage the hazards that can occur in this type of diving. Technical diving includes one or more of; diving beyond 40m, required stage decompression, can involve overhead environments beyond 40 linear meters of the surface, accerated decompression and or various gas mixtures and using extensive equipment and technologies.

Technical diving is not for everyone, but it attracts divers who want to go beyond their current limits and develop new skills. To become a technical diver, you must be willing to accept the risks, training, investment and commitment technical diving demands.

Our technical diving team have extensive experience and here at Freestyle Divers we aim to provide the highest level of technical diver training in utmost safety. Our standards are extremely high and we intend to make you the best possible.

We teach a full range of technical diving courses, so whether you are thinking of looking for a hypoxic trimix course or just want to take advantage of the increased bottom times and increased safety of Nitrox diving then we have the course for you. We are lucky enough to have some fantastic dive sites in the area to accommodate technical divers as well as easily accessible Musandam trips.

As we offer a diverse array of courses, we can assist you in choosing the best course to suit your needs. If you have any enquiries, our Tec Team is on hand to answer them!