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Imad & Pierre Tec Diving the Cauliflowers


Imad & Pierre’s Tec Deep Instructor Course

On 20th January, our independent Course Director & Trimix Instructor Trainer Imad was running a PADI Tec Deep Instructor course.The requirement for this particular dive was 40ms. His student, Pierre happened to have knowledge of a site located just behind Dibba Rock with the appropriate depth. This gave Chris the opportunity to jump onto the dive with them and hopefully mark the coordinates for Freestyle divers. The aim would be to use this as a new site in the future. As we approached the site, Chris realised that we had the co-ordinates from another source. We were under the impression that this site was at a depth of 71m. This meant we hadn’t had a chance to explore it just yet but here we were!

The Site

The site is known locally as Cauliflowers due to the soft coral formations growing on the sea bed which indeed resemble caulifowers. We dropped down the shot line to a sandy bottom bang on 40m and headed of in search of the corals. The corals are sparsely scattered between one another however impressive when you find them. They stand about 1.5m tall and are either standing up straight or bent over. After a 25min bottom time we happened to come across two large cuttlefish which were very friendly. It was then time for us to make our way to the surface. We ascended on this Tec Deep Instructor course completing our decompression stops in the open water, there was very little current so were not carried far from our original descent location and were able to relax and watch the jellyfish swimming past us (no stings this dive thank goodness).

The Future

This site I believe will be ideal for those divers wanting to come and see something slightly different whilst gaining experience at a slightly deeper depth and is an additional location for us to use on technical training courses.

Chris Bridge

MSDT# 320366

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