Viz 35 PRO

Viz 35 PRO

4,350 AED

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The UTD VIZ 35 PRO lighting system is a fully corded “canister light” style system. It can be used as an independent lamp or with a canister. It can be upgraded from the UTD VIZ 35 Sport. 


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The UTD VIZ 35 PRO lighting system comes with the following:

  • A VIZ35  LED Lighthead at 3500* lux with built in Piezo On/Off mounted to a hard goodman handle
  • E/O cord adapter cap
  • UTD Z-Power PRO – Aluminum 11.1 volt, 10.4 Amp (120w/hr) waterproof battery canister with On/Off switch and E/O Cord depth rated to 600’/180m
  • Battery charger
  • Double ender.

Features and Benefits

  • LED handheld light that is bright and lasts long – 3500 (v35) Lux* – Comes with the E/o Adapter Cap attached so you can hook up the external battery.
  • Comes Mounted on a hard goodman handle with boltsnap – Will also fit the UTD Deluxe Soft Goodman Handle – Optional Purchase
  • No switch that penetrates the body, Piezo switch to turn on/off and power settings which is less likely to flood – Full and Half brightness settings
  • The included E/O Adapter Cap is attached to the light head allowing for the use of the external 11.1v / 10.4 amp Power Z PRO battery canister
  • Can be easily be used as video light during dive by simply screwing on the video light diffusor. Switch between primary and video light easily


  • V35 has 1 x 10 Watt LED – 3500 lux*
  • Powered by external Power Z Pro 11.v / 10.4 amp battery canister. Provides 12+ hours burn time on Max light and 36+ on low light.
  • V35 is a 8 Degree Beam Angle
  • Aluminum Body
  • Double o-ring sealed
  • Body dia. 2.2″ (7cm), 6″(16cm) Overall Length
  • 600’/180m depth rated
  • Comes with Universal Charger

UTD Power Z-120 watt/hr PRO Li-Ion Battery Canister (10.4amp @ 11.1v)


  • Comes standard with an easy to install hip/wing mounting pocket or a 2″ belt loop with SS straps.
  • E/O wet plug-able cord for easy exchange between primary and video LED’s or solar heating systems
    – will also power HID light heads
  • Sealed canister to reduce risk of user error and flooding. Charged through the E/O cord
  • The internal battery can be replaced or serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Easy to reach double dipped toggle switch on top of canister with a built in switch protector
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship / 90 days on E/O cord and cables


  • A 10.4 Ah @ 11.1v Li-Ion battery providing 120 watt/hrs of energy
  • Charge Voltage: 12.6 volts – Voltage at end of discharge: 8.25 volts.
  • Overcharge and Discharge protection: 65 degree c and 5 amp
  • Heavy Duty switch boot, double dipped toggle switch with bushing protection. Reduces risk of flooding if switch boot is compromised.
  • Dry weight 2.5 lbs (1.1kg), in-water > 1.0 lb (0.5 kg) negative
  • Recharge time from complete discharge is 4 hours
  • Universal input charger – US input cord provided, UK and European input cord available
  • Canister is Anodized T-600 Aluminum
  • Max depth rated to 600’/180m
  • 6.0″(15.25 cm) Tall, 3.5″”(8.9cm) wide 1.75″(4.44 cm) thick
  • Comes standard with a 32″ (81.28cm) E/O Cord
  • CE/UL/RoHS Approved

* Note 3500 lux at 10’/3m away measured in center of beam.