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About Us

Our Approach

Freestyle are a team of highly skilled, dedicated, passionate diving professionals. We believe in excellent customer service and safety without compromise.

We offer the highest level of standards on a range of courses. In addition we provide professional training from our team of in-house Instructor Trainers.

Our dive centres and team are a family friendly, and encourage diving and snorkeling for the whole family.  We are equipped to ensure everyone has a fun day out.

Meet the Team

Marine Owen – Managing Director

Marine as her name may suggest is passionate about the marine environment. She is involved in all areas of the dive center operations. Marine is an Instructor Trainer, Technical Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor and NAS Tutor (pending). She is also Cave diver, Hypoxic trimix diver (100m plus), Technical scooter and Drysuit instructor. Also Marine is a Rebreather diver and a Boat captain! Marine has well over 1000 dives in different parts of the world. You may see Marine searching for macro photo opportunities on Dibba Rock with her camera or chatting about her passion.

Darryl Owen – Managing Partner

Darryl is a Technical Instructor, OWSI, EFR Instructor, Cave diver, Hypoxic trimix diver (100m plus), Technical scooter and drysuit instructor. He is also a Rebreather diver and boat captain. He has over 4000 dives in different conditions throughout the world. Darryl who is a keen technical diver enjoys emparting his extensive knowledge of diving upon others. He enjoys helping to build on and improving  guests existing dive skills. Darryl is very much central to the team and you may see him teaching courses or being on hand for a chat.

Laurent Estrugo – Training Director

Laurent, our in-house PADI Course Director as well as being an EFR Instructor Trainer, DSAT Tec Deep Instructor, VIP Specialist. He is also a SCUBA consultant, DAN Health & Safety specialist, NAS Tutor (pending), Aquatic Facility Operator and Boat Captain. During his time as a diver Laurent has logged over 3000 dives and has over 900 certifications. Laurent goes that extra mile with his pro students and always delivers more than is required for these courses. He really does have a great deal of knowledge to share with you.


Rebecca Kierman – PADI Dive Master

Marine Biologist, Rebecca Kierman has big plans and ideas for the upcoming future. In particular Rebecca is interested in biogeography, so she likes to know the relationship between Marine life and the environment. Paired with Mathieu’s skills, our two resident Marine Biologist are excited to begin projects in ecosystem mapping. If you want to take your diving further and add a scientific parameter, Rebecca is your go-to divemaster and guide. Keep up to date with Rebecca’s work with her blog and look out for impending marine life presentations.

Turk Vangel – Dive Operations Manager and PADI OWSI

Turk is a U.S. Nay Veteran who developed a deep-seated passion for the ocean at a young age. This passion came from watching “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”.  He left the United States and an office job to pursue this passion and is now an OWSI, EFR Instructor and tech diver who plans to keep training so one day he may teach technical wreck penetration.  He loves sharks, cuttlefish, octopus, parrotfish and  nudis. Turk is an ocean defender working to keep the oceans clean and wants to help ocean conservation efforts but more specifically, shark conservation and to help to end the mass shark culling seen throughout the world.

Mathieu Noe – PADI OWSI

Mathieu is an OWSI and has a Bachelors degree in Marine Biology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. His passion lies within the ocean, starting diving at the age of twelve and never stopping since. He was certified as a Divemaster in Malapascua Island, Philippines, and did his IDC in his hometown of Geneva, Switzerland. Mathieu loves spending his time in the water, filming anything and everything he finds, to then make small videos. He loves sharks, so feel free to start a conversation with him about all things sharks, and is furthering his knowledge of 3D mapping and GIS technology.


Our Freelance Instructors

If they didn’t take their courses with our team at Freestyle Divers, all our Freelancers undergo Instructor training with us. The training is adapted to the instructor’s background and regular updates are held with our Instructor Trainers. This ensures that everyone is using the latest teaching and safety standards. All of our Freelancers are under contract with Freestyle Divers and benefit from our insurance policies.  

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