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Equipment & Facilities


Courses and diving trips offered on the east coast of the UAE and Musandam


A wide range of equipment is available to accommodate kids snorkelling as well as scooters or drysuits for technical divers.


Freestyle Divers is ideally located just in front of Dibba Rock, a marine protected area. Royal Beach is a perfect launch point for all kinds of diving experiences. Our daily diving schedule includes recreational and tec-rec dive training. In addition, we have PADI 5* IDC  Centre status. This centre offers the full range of divemaster and instructor training by our PADI Course Director, Laurent Estrugo.

In the heart of the new Dibba Marina development is our retail store, teaching facilities and dive centre. The main focus here is our training activities. Advanced Buoyancy training of the highest industry standard is offered in a purpose-built 4m deep seawater pool. Overhead protocol training can also be accommodated as a precursor to either cave diving or wreck penetration.

This facility has an advanced gas filling station. We can offer any gas mix from triple filtered air through Nitrox to standard and custom trimix blends. Three boats with a total capacity of 36 divers plus crew per rotation are on hand.  These are accessible from the dock just minutes away from the dive centre, making it easy for technical divers. These boats serve both the Dibba Port and Royal Beach locations.

Our centre in Dibba Oman is the stepping off point for adventures on the Musandam Peninsula. We cater for recreational and technical divers as well as rebreather, as a day trip or a multi-day dhow excursion. Two fast boats are located at the centre as well as a technical gas filling station. All the equipment required to fully enjoy this beautiful part of the Arabian coastline is here.

A dive centre is not operated in Dubai, however we work in partnership with Blue Coast Diving. Seamless access to their centres in hotels such as Atlantis The Palm are offered to our divers. Training and diving can be split between these locations and the Freestyle Divers locations.

  • The centres are owned by experienced technical divers. They have been blending and diving mixed gases for longer than they care to remember! Filling stations are set up to technical diving standards. Any breathing gas required can be supplied. All of the standard Normoxic gases are available “on tap”, including air, Nitrox 32%, 50% and 100%. In addition we have trimix 21/35 and 18/45 blends. Hypoxic trimix blends are made to order, as are any non-standard Nitrox requirements.
  • Our tanks and valves are visually inspected and serviced every 12 months and hydro tested every 48 months. Tanks used for mixed gases are oxygen cleaned annually or more frequently if required. A wide selection of tanks are available, including mono cylinders with DIN or INT valves in S80 or S67 sizes. There are S80 sidemount tanks with Left/Right valves, Aluminium or steel twinsets with manifolds, S80 and S40 deco tanks with DIR tank rigging.  2L or 3L aluminium, steel and carbon tanks for CCR divers are also available. These have either G 5/8 O2 valves or with M26 valves for visitors from the EU. Drysuit inflation tanks are also available on request.


Technical grade Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV), or “scooters” as they are otherwise known are available for rent. A range of Suex scooters available as well as DiveX models. Bookings need to be taken in advance to ensure availability and that they are fully charged for your enjoyment.

A large range of long and short wetsuits for rent, we are sure to have the perfect size for you. In addition, we offer drysuit rental of Rofos suits for divers who would like to take a drysuit course. We are official Rofos dealers for divers who would like to purchase their own drysuit.

  • On offer is a broad range of rental buoyancy devices suitable for each style of diving. A large number of Scubapro BCDs are available for recreational divers in all sizes. We also have dorsal wings for rent for both mono and twinset tanks. Lastly, we have a range of different wings designed for side-mount diving for rent.
  • Our recreational regulators are primarily ScubaPro equipment configured with a primary second stage, an octopus and a console including a compass. Regulators for mono and twinset tanks are available. These are configured DIR style with a long hose on the primary regulator and the secondary regulator on a necklace. All our regulators have a strictly planned annual maintenance regime.
  • Recreational rental fins as well as several “jetfin” style options for technical divers are ready to use. We stock and rent UTD negative fins as well their neutral fins. Neutral fins have become a firm favourite for technical divers in the summertime. These are also an all year-round choice for rebreather and sidemount divers.
  • Masks are available in various shapes to best fit each diver’s morphology. Both standard recreational masks as well as low volume technical masks are for rent. Snorkels and fixtures are available for rent if required.

Rental diving computers can be provided if they are reserved in advance.