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Diving Trips

Pleasure diving with Freestyle Divers can be extremely varied, from the wrecks of the Arabian Gulf to the reefs of the Indian Ocean.
From easy beach entries to challenging deep sites off Fujairah or Musandam, we have access to all sorts of environments and conditions to match the challenge you would like to set yourself.

Dive Fujairah

Dibba rock

Diving on the east coast offers a variety of dives from nice shallow reefs to deep wrecks with a clear visibility and lots of marine life.

Dive Musandam

Photo from Explorer – UAE diving 

What makes diving in Musandam so special is the richness of life. Many have experienced world class dives here. With the plankton blooms you can expect surprising and magnificent encounters underwater. You will be able to see a huge variety of the amazing underwater creatures from whale sharks, mola molas, barracudas, turtles, various rays and a wide range of tropical reef fishes and some of the most beautiful small inhabitants of the sea like nudibranchs, sea horses, and much more.

Generally speaking the dives are drift dives. Most dive sites are gentle slopes located around islands or headlands where the best diving can be found. Usually you can find hard corals within the first 10 meters, it then gradually fades to soft corals. In the Musandam you can find purple and blue whip corals, which are endemic to the region. For photographers the blue, purple and the emerald water of the Musandam provides an interesting contrast of colors, which can result in unique pictures that stand out from the regular diving photos.