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Please be aware that you need a pass to cross the border to Musandam. Therefore we need your bookings at least 4 days prior to the dives to process these passes.

Freestyle Divers diving trips to Musandam give divers a chance to experience the well known treasures that it holds. Most of the dives you will do on our diving trips to Musandam are drift dives, meaning the boat will come and pick you up at the end of each dive.

The best diving can found around islands or headlands and mostly consisit of gentle sloping reef. On most of the dive sites we access on our diving trips to Musandam, you will experience hard corals within the first 10 meters. After this the reef is taken over by  soft corals.

On our diving trips to Musandam you can find purple and blue whip corals, which are endemic to the region. For photographers the blues and purples against the emerald waters of the Musandam provide an interesting contrast of colors, which can result in unique pictures that stand out from your regular dive photos.

We offer full day trips which normally consist of two dives and assistance crossing the border from the UAE.