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Dive Locations

Dibba rock:

The first protected marine reserve of the country, this site has an abundance of life that is second to none in the area. What’s more, it’s only a few minutes away from Freestyle Divers bases!

There you can find a few resident reef sharks, moray eels, lionfish, turtles and the occasional whaleshark passing by to say hello. The coral diversity is also quite impressive!

Ideal to conduct all sorts of shallow water activities, from snorkeling to underwater photography, a large majority of our divers got their initial credentials and first adventures there!

3 Rocks:

Nature’s way to tell us she loves divers! A beautiful alignment of rocks close to shore, Three Rocks offers a perfect dive with plenty to see in just one dive! It’s a perfect second or third dive on the way back from some of the southern sites!

Three Rocks is also a home for many pipefish, cuttlefish and all the usual reef suspects. Rich with many crevices, the rocks also host a wide array of macro life!

A beautiful dive spot for juniors, 3 Rocks is also a nice spot to work on your navigational skills. Plenty of open space and always something exciting happening!

Martini rock:

Martini is an underwater pinnacle that hosts an abundant population of soft coral, allowing for some different fauna to strive around it. Turtles are frequent visitors; rays and nudibranchs seem to favor the sheltered side, whereas you encounter bigger pelagic fish on the deeper and more exposed face of the rock.

Martini is a very easy dive to do in calm conditions, with a natural progression from the bottom to a plateau just conveniently waiting for you and your safety stop. When the currents are a little stronger, some divers prefer to stay in the lee, exchanging the possible pelagic encounters for more personal time with the moray eels, lionfish and seahorses.

InchCape 1:

Home to an ever growing school of snappers, the wreck of Inchcape 1 is also a perfect training site for deeper diving. Whether you observe from a few meters away to take in the magic sceneries happening all over the wreck, or you get up close and personal with the resident seahorses, moray eels, stonefish or puffer fish, there is a lot to do and so little time!

At 30m deep, Inchcape 1 compensates for its relatively small size by an impressive biomass! The limited bottom time you get is packed with rewards on every breath you take. Whether you gaze in the soft corals of the bow or peek in the hatches of the aft, you will find surprises all over! And most of the times, all these regulars are cooperative models for your next super video production.

Inchcape 2:

A very similar commercial boat to Inchcape 1, “Inch 2” is shallower and closer to the shores of Khor Fakkan, meaning you can expect a different scenery while having this reinsuring feeling of knowing the lay of the land.

The wreck is also a better candidate for those willing to perfect their overhead or penetration skills as there is a bit of a longer stretch to visit.

Inchcape 2 is also the perfect wreck to conduct the Deep dive for Junior Advanced divers, making it a good combination with 3 Rocks on the way back!


A popular entry-level technical dive in the country, quite close to Fujairah port, just in the normoxic trimix range, Ines is a favorite from the Tech community of the UAE.

Rich in life, exciting to visit with a scooter or to explore on a closed circuit rebreather, Ines is the perfect illustration of why people get and stay into Technical diving!


Defiantly standing in over 90 meters of water, the wreck of Anita is not for the faint-hearted, it is generally the place where technical divers conclude their Trimix training.

After meeting her fate 30 years ago, she still has lots of her history to be discovered.